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Musketeer provides complete cost-effective solutions in the modern world of applied hydraulics and pneumatics technology

  • Turnkey systems designed, installed and maintained
  • Distributes & services ALL MAJOR RANGES of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment
  • Distributes & services ALL MAJOR RANGES of accumulators and associated equipment
  • Refurbishes & upgrades hydraulic power units and cylinders
  • All repeat and/or rework is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations


The BLADE (Bristol Laboratory for Advanced Dynamics Engineering? project was completed in October 2004 and was officially opened by HM The Queen in February 2005. 

BLADE embodies a unique, cross-disciplinary approach to solving today's increasingly complex engineering problems. The state-of-the-art experimental testing facility brings together renowned experts across numerous engineering and non-engineering disciplines and includes an earthquake laboratory with 15m reaction wall and a 3m by 3m shaking table; an automatic control and test laboratory; materials testing laboratory; and an electrical power drives laboratory.

BLADE is more than just a building - its mission it to research and develop 'performance-based engineering'. This is the multi-disciplinary design, analysis and monitoring of engineering systems for their full life cycle. It's departure from traditional engineering analysis, as BLADE considers realistic in-service dynamic loads and the response of systems up to their nonlinear failure limit.


Musketeer Engineering designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned the main hydraulic system, which has many unique features, such as one plant room servicing the four laboratories, each of which has independent control for its individual requirements with the in-built ability to share surplus capacity with each other, under password protection.

"The Plant Room has variable capacity (on demand) up to 1,250 litres per minute at a working pressure maintained at 207 bar," explained Fred Smith. "The system will support expansion up to 1,750 litres per minute. The pipework is based mainly on the Voss Zako 10 degree flared and flanged connection system, installed in order to limit the effects of pressure drop in respect of sustained high flow rates. There is approximately 4.5 kilometres of high-grade hydraulic tubing installed at various levels and sized to accommodate the capacities currently required and for future expansion in each laboratory.

"It was an interesting and exciting project to work on as well as providing a high profile for Musketeer Engineering. In fact, our involvement with BLADE has subsequently led to us being approached to provide expertise and services, for similar types of installation, at various locations on the UK mainland.

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