Our Services

Musketeer provides complete cost-effective solutions in the modern world of applied hydraulics and pneumatics technology

  • Turnkey systems designed, installed and maintained
  • Distributes & services ALL MAJOR RANGES of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment
  • Distributes & services ALL MAJOR RANGES of accumulators and associated equipment
  • Refurbishes & upgrades hydraulic power units and cylinders
  • All repeat and/or rework is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations

Hydraulic Ring Main System for Shorts

Musketeer A specimen Lear 45 Aircraft is fixed in a purpose-built rig with hydraulically controlled actuators applied at various points around the Aircraft structure, which simulate the loads it will encounter in all operations throughout its working life, from taxiing to take-off, through various altitudes in-flight and landing. It's a high-tech installation and the Hydraulic Ring Main, installed, commissioned, some twelve years ago and since maintained by Musketeer, continues to perform extremely well. The system also powers aircraft component testing such as the emponage (tail section) rig.
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